Responsibility is a value that we often forget about in the present day. We believe this is worth changing. For this reason, we operate responsibly, and we also teach people to be responsible towards themselves and others. We show our clients that it has deep significance.

At the Polish School of Etiquette we pay particular attention to several aspects of responsibility. The first aspect concerns our own behaviour, actions and contact with other people. The principles that we popularise make it easier to build long-lasting and satisfying relationships. The basis of etiquette is respect for another person – for a subordinate, a superior or a business partner. If we keep this in mind, we’ll avoid many conflicts and crisis situations.

Social responsibility is also very important for us. In times of atomized relationships and often poorly understood individualism, etiquette is something that allows us to think in collective categories. Not only do the principles of appropriate behaviour not limit us, they can be a factor that has an integrating effect. In times when divisions between people are deepening, savoir-vivre is something that can connect us. It can become a foundation on which we build something beautiful and long-lasting.

Responsibility can also manifest itself when a person thinks of the past or future. This is why one of our primary aims is to popularise rules that were developed in past decades but which are often forgotten nowadays. Polish people have wonderful traditions. We don’t need to have complexes, reject things from the past or copy others. At the Polish School of Etiquette we help people rediscover this rich and beautiful heritage. It’s also very important to us to preserve it for future generations.

Our training courses are not solely based on conveying codified rules. In addition to knowledge, what’s important to us is also wisdom – the ability to adjust theoretical models to practical situations. Etiquette isn’t constraining – sometimes relinquishing certain rules or altering them is an expression of wisdom – at least for the sake of ensuring the comfort of people around us. We share such experiences with our clients, as well. We promote rules, but we also give hints about when and how they should be broken. We always emphasise that etiquette is meant to make our lives easier.

We’re not afraid of going against the current. And so we place elegance at the forefront in times when many people no longer appreciate its worth. It’s not something that is available only to a chosen few – we can all allow ourselves to be elegant. It doesn’t need to be glamour or ostentation – sometimes small gestures are enough.

Elegance allows us to transport ourselves for a moment to a different, festive reality. Thanks to elegance, we also learn to appreciate everyday things.

We encourage our clients to think of elegance as a means of expression. By means of an appropriate outfit or by preparing a festive dinner we can express something meaningful. Elegance allows us to strengthen our verbal message and increase its credibility. For this reason, we shouldn’t be afraid of it. It’s not worth it to forego elegance – without elegance our life becomes poorer and one-dimensional.

The Polish School of Etiquette bases all of its activities on truth. We don’t teach people to manipulate others with their image or the impressions they make. We don’t take shortcuts, and we teach this to our clients. During our training courses we don’t present flashy techniques that make a good impression at first glance but which don’t really change anything. We talk about values and principles. We show that by making use of certain forms one can express the truth about oneself and one’s activities.

Behaving according to the rules of etiquette introduces good into our lives. We pay more attention to other people, and to their needs and feelings. We become aware of what types of gestures and behaviour can harm them. We believe that popularising such an approach can make life more beautiful.

As Poles, we’re a young society – over 25 years have passed since the democratic transformation, and it’s finally time for stability and to make ourselves feel at home in our own culture. If responsibility, wisdom, elegance, truth and good accompany us in this, we can be certain that a wonderful future awaits us.