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The 2nd Generation: SUCCESS

In our present times, one of the greatest challenges for many Polish firms is the need to pass on the highest positions to the next generation.

This is crucial not only from a business point of view – to consolidate capital or maintain business continuity. Values play a significant role here. The parents’ generation would like to see their children as their successors. The latter, in turn, don’t always feel ready to accept this role and take control of the family business. This most often results not from a lack of competence, but rather from not having had enough experiences like those which helped shape their parents’ soft skills.

“The 2nd Generation: SUCCESS” project responds to the needs of the next generation in the families of Polish entrepreneurs. In the series of courses that we offer, we train the children of founders of Polish firms to be prepared to run their family’s business. We work together to shape and develop soft skills, which are essential for building business relationships, managing a business and being a leader in one’s firm.