This is a course for anyone who would like to understand how to make an impression on other people and improve their social skills

Participants in the course

will become familiar with:
– techniques for self-presentation
– norms and roles in self-presentation

will learn:
– how to consciously make an impression on others
– how to avoid difficulties when presenting oneself

will know:
– what self-presentation is
– why we try to make a good impression on others
– what matters the most for recipients of self-presentation

What does such a course give you?

– it allows you to discover various aspects of the art of self-presentation
– it makes it easier to understand your own behaviour and how others react to it
– it allows you to look at other people’s behaviour from a different perspective
– it allows you to enrich your knowledge in the realms of savoir-vivre, business etiquette, dress code and public speaking