This offer is geared towards people who open themselves up to the world, have a lively social life and make international friendships, as well as those who organise events of various kinds in their private lives.

Participants in the training course

will become acquainted with the rules of:
– precedency (priority)
– greeting people and shaking hands
– introducing oneself and others
– savoir-vivre at the table

will learn:
– the rules of traditional correspondence
– when and how to use less formal language
– how to communicate on the Internet (netiquette)

will know:
– how to organise parties
– how to be a guest and host other people
– how to give and accept presents

What does such a training course give you?

– it helps you overcome awkwardness and stress in your relations with other people
– it helps you maintain self-confidence when in the company of other people
– it helps you open yourself up to new social situations, contacts and relationships