This is a course for anyone who must frequently appear in the media – owners of firms, specialists, professionals, politicians and civil servants.

Participants in the course

will become familiar with the rules of:
– voice projection
– speaking in front of a TV camera and a radio microphone
– forming statements for the media

will learn:
– techniques for dealing with stress
– conscious gestures and body language control
– interview authorisation
– how to avoid dangers connected with newspaper, radio and TV interviews

they will know:
– how to include a lot of important information in a very short statement
– how to interest a viewer, listener or reader
– how to present themselves and their firm in the best possible way
– how to handle press conferences and debates
– how to make a journalist contact them frequently and treat them as experts

What does such a course give you?

– it facilitates contact with professional and commercial media
– it helps deal with stress connected with media appearances
– it teaches you how to promote your company and make use of mass communication to realise your aims
– it helps you build interest in your company through effective media appearances