The logo of the Polish School of Etiquette makes reference to coats of arms, which in the past were the symbols by which families, clans, organisations, artisans’ guilds, corporations and cities were recognised. A coat of arms was thus a kind of logo – a graphic interpretation of a name (or surname), a value or a business.

The Polish School of Etiquette, whose activities help people function more easily and efficiently in the contemporary world of private and business relationships, is based on strong foundations stemming from Polish and European tradition.

The logo of the Polish School of Etiquette presents a coat of arms covered in ermine fur. The ermine avoids puddles while escaping from predators. By doing so the ermine risks its life, but it does it in order not to soil its fur. In heraldry the ermine became a symbol of honour – a sense of personal dignity and a good name.

The symbolism of the ermine’s fur has become an indicator of our activities. It points out the road towards the goals we wish to achieve together with our clients.