This is a course offered to directors and owners of firms, managers, tradespeople, office employees, professionals, politicians and civil servants.

Participants in the course

will become acquainted with the rules of:
– precedency (priority)
– greeting people and shaking hands
– correspondence
– savoir-vivre at the table

they will learn:
– how to introduce oneself and others
– how to give and receive business cards
– how and when to switch to informal language

they will know how to behave:
– in relations with superiors, co-workers and clients
– at conferences
– at social events in the business world

What does such a training course give you?

– it allows you to increase your self-confidence in interpersonal relationships
– it teaches you impressive and effective communication skills
– it enables you to make a good first impression
– it teaches you norms of behaviour in official situations
– it allows you to represent your firm in a manner that meets global standards