This is a course primarily for politicians and civil servants, but also anyone who, because of his or her function, makes appearances at important state or church celebrations, or who organises meetings with very important people.

Participants in the course

will learn the rules of:
– precedency (priority) of the most important people in the country
– precedency of flags (state, city, regional, etc.)
– presenting state awards and commemorative distinctions

will learn:
– principles for organising state functions and special events
– state and church titulatures
– rules concerning the order in which speeches are given by the most important people at a function

they will know how to:
– organise a visit of the most important people in a nation
– select an institution to provide patronage of a local event
– select a suitable gift for a VIP
– welcome a foreign delegation

What does such a course give you?

– it helps you increase the prestige of your firm and represent it well at important functions
– it helps you avoid gaffes and misunderstandings when in contact with important people
– it teaches you how to organise a meeting attended by a VIP and how to perform well as a guest at such a meeting