About the Firm

The Polish School of Etiquette provides knowledge and solutions in the realms of savoir-vivre, business etiquette, dress code, public speaking and related fields. We organise training courses and prepare strategies for communication, image and marketing that are specially tailored to our clients’ needs.

The creation of the Polish School of Etiquette is the newest phase in the development of my activities. For several years I’ve been leading courses and providing advice in the above-mentioned domains. I’ve worked as a master of ceremonies for over a decade, representing firms and institutions during their most important events. During this time, hundreds of people have placed their confidence in me. Those who have benefitted from my knowledge include owners and presidents of firms, managers and politicians. I’ve also shared my knowledge with employees of international corporations and banks, as well as with high school and university students.

In the Polish School of Etiquette, I’ve gathered outstanding experts. We treat each client individually and approach his or her needs with great care. We add energy to activities, point out a successful direction for development, and guarantee a feeling of confidence and security resulting from familiarity with rules of etiquette. This is essential in our dynamically changing reality.

In my work I make reference to the best Polish traditions, dating from the splendid era of the First Polish Republic when we were world-famous for our hospitality, tolerance and openness to the world, as well as for the democratic character of our government. For me, Polishness has always meant openness and respect for others. I want it to continue to be like this.

Wojciech S. Wocław
General Director
Polish School of Etiquette